Study Tour

We regularly organise study tours to different parts of the country in order to explore and study various regions. The tours allow the students to actually visit and experience the spaces and structures for themselves. The students are guided by faculty members, proving to be an important value addition to the students.

Annual Study Tours

The students are free to choose from a number of tour options, these tours give a chance to explore geographical regions such as northern, southern, western, central and eastern India. The two weeklong tour uncovers new vistas and enrich the students.

History Tours

The History tours allow one to experience for themselves what one has always studied only in books, it is a window to peep through the past. From studying the rockcut architecture to the temple architecture, the tours always deepen our understanding of history, culture and the builtform.

Rural Exposure Tours

The first year architecture students visit a rural settlement for three days to go back to the roots and understand what the word ‘vernacular’ means. The villages have a lot to teach us, the construction techniques, the response to requirement and climate.

Crafts and Ergonomics Tour

The students of design also get an opportunity to see the making of various crafts and also the study of ergonomics which is a very fruitful experience.

FDAD Tours

The students perusing foundation diploma in architecture and designing have been to Kutch, Odisa, Kolhapur among many other places.

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