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Ar. Ruchi Vachani

(Batch 2013)

Ar. Yakin Kinger

(Batch 2013)

Ar. Richa Mandora

(Batch 2011)

Ar. Harsh Dang

(Batch 2012)

Ar. Maria Eapen

(Batch 2009)

Ar. Ganesh Keskar

(Batch 2011)

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We at IDEA continue to strive to provide a cohesive environment to the students. Since its inception we conduct Co-Curriculum activities such as Design studios, Dialogues, Talks  which help students gain valuable experience.


Vertical Studio
Vidyavardhan’s (IDEA),: Vertical Studio 2020 from 2nd Oct to 5th Oct 2020.
The theme for this year’s studio is “Urban Farming”. Due to pandemic situation this year the studio will be conducted in an online mode.
The entire college, divided into 8 groups vertically, works on the said brief for 4 days.
IDS 2020
Studio : 2nd January to 5th January 2020
Final Presentation : 6th January 2020

Sports Week at IDEA


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Ar. Ruchi Vachani

I am currently preparing for M.Arch in Landscape Architecture (in India).
Below are the few important achievements that I have gained after completion of my B.Arch program from Vidyavardhan’s Idea, Nashik.

1. Award in Motion Photography
2. Co-author of Literature Books – Nutshell, Flairs and Glairs : Zindagi Ek Ehsaas
3. Certificates for National Level Art Competitions.
4. Certificate and Award for Mumbai Art Fest National Competition.

Ar. Yakin Kinger

I’m currently pursuing ‘Master of Architecture in Architectural History and Theory’ at CEPT University, Ahmedabad. I was employed as a Junior Architect at Origin Architects, Nashik (Partner: Ar. Nitin Kute) from June 2019 to July 2020 and undertook projects ranging from landscape development and residences to mass housing.

Following are the most recent achievements:

1) I have been selected among the first students to be awarded ‘Full fee waiver Scholarship’ for my post graduation program by CEPT University.
2) My submission for the ‘Micro House design competition’ organised by Micro Nation in July 2020 was selected among the honourable mentions.

Former Internship : Parallax Architects, Bangalore (2018 – 2019)

Former Junior Architect : Roopayan Consultants, Nashik (2019)

Presently Working : Freelancer and 3D Visualizer (2019 – Present)
Ongoing projects in Lasalgaon :
-Interior of a Unisex Salon
-Godown of a Showroom

Ongoing project in Dhule :
-Multi-Housing town

Ongoing project in Chandrapur :
-Residence (Bungalow)

Achievements & Participation:
-Participated in International Design Competition – “The Lunchbox, Re-thinking office spaces in India” (2020)
-24th rank in RHA 21st Century High-rise Building Design Competition (2018)

-Hands full of earth by PRITHWE ACADEMY (China mosaic, bamboo roofing, rammed earth, tires/mud as earth ship construction) Bhor, Pune (2016)
-Towards Barefoot architecture (building farmer’s workstation at Bodhi farm with locally available material) Dahanu (2017)

Ar. Harsh Nareshkumar Dang

“You cannot build great building on a frail foundation” I acknowledged the true meaning of this quote after I started working as a professional. Further, to sharpen my career objective, I pursued M.Sc urban planning in University of Liverpool in London, UK.

During my course duration I have reformed and designed various suburbs of London in a way that the new town planning can inculcate the design perspective in future developments.

The important project undertaken is to rehabilitate river Mithi, Mumbai and creating urban green spaces to transform Bandra-Kurla- Complex.

I have recently finished my master’s and have fasten my seatbelt for next rollercoaster ride!.

Current work: Freelance Architect

– Important achievements and awards:

1. Top 30 Finalists for Tree House Module, France, competition held by YAC (young architects competitions).2020

2. Top 30 Finalists for Ghost Town Refuge, Craco, Italy, competition held by YAC (young architects competitions).2020

3. Top 100 Finalists for North Design Union Headquarters, Tianjin, China For NDU (National Design Union) held by Nation Design Union, Young Bird Plan.2019

Note: All the competitions were not individual. They were done in collaboration with my partner, Ar.Shanil Riyaz.

Ar. Ganesh Keskar

बी. आर्च संपूर्ण झाल्यावर मी अहमदाबाद मध्ये स्टुडिओ ९१९ आर्किटेक्टस मध्ये तीन वर्ष जॉब केला, आणि आता १ जानेवारी पासून मी “त्रिकालदर्शी आर्किटेक्टस” या नावाने माझी फर्म माज्या गावाला चालू केली आहे.

हा चालू वर्क बद्दल बोलायचं झालाच तर इकडे थोडा कमीच काम मिळत मला कारण इकडे लोकांना आर्किटेक्टवर हि एक पदवी आहे आणि तो आपल्याला आपला घर डिझाईन करून देतो हेच माहित नाही. ते सिविल इंजिनिअरलाच प्राधान्य देतात.

बक्षिसे म्हणाल तर अजूनतरी एकही बक्षीस मला मिळाला नाही. पण हा अहमदाबाद ला असताना गुजरात गव्हर्नमेंट बरोबर दांडी मेमोरियल नावाचा एक प्रोजेक्ट डिझाईन करायला मिळाला आणि तो करताना गांधीजी ना अभ्यासायला सुद्धा मिळालं आणि एक चांगला बदल माज्यामध्ये झाला आणि मला समाजसेवेची आवड निर्माण झाली. हा आता मी गेल्या काही वर्ष्यांपासून माज्या गावात समाजहिताचे वेगवेगळे प्रयोग करत असतो. आणि हे करत असताना मला तालुका स्तरावर ” समाज गौरव पुरस्कार ” देऊन गौरवण्यात आले.